#VeggiePrepSunday :)


Me: "Do you work tonight/tomorrow morning?"
Mo: "I was actually just about to text you! I don't work until tomorrow night."
Me: "Ahh wanna run?"
Mo: "Yes!"
Me: "Yay! 5:30?"
Mo: "Yeah!"

And that's all it takes to have someone to workout with. ;) Granted, you may have to have known them for years beforehand for it to happen like that.

Mo aka Maureen (who has time for real life names) has "sweat" with me for a longggg time now. We were gymnasts together years ago, survived 5 hour workouts with ripped hands and chalk on every inch of our bodies. And while we don't exactly do that anymore, we do still push each other to be the best we can be (now it's 5:30 am runs in 30 degrees).

So as you can imagine I am so excited for her starting her blog (Motivated Endurance) along with a 2017 challenge! It's called the "Give & Take Challenge" where she's challenging us to find our fit.

My FIT for February? Eat more vegetables!!

Mmm veggies.. everyone loves them right?! ;) Right....

So I'm learning to love my veggies and eat them too. I've found that half the time all it takes is a little prep for the week and I'm much more likely to eat them. Once they're all washed, chopped, and readily available I'm good. However, dipping them in some delicious Ranch from Bolthouse Farms dressing doesn't hurt either. :)

If you have good things in your fridge,
you'll eat good things.

(Same goes for eating ice cream.. so that's out of the house). 


What's your favorite way to eat your veggies?! Let me know below!

<3 Adele

PS... Bolthouse Farms asked me to be a part of their Network where they send me awesome dressings & goodies and in return I share my favorites with you! This is one of those times. We're creating better habits together :) #GotItFree #BHFbetterhabits #BHFHarvestNetwork