Visible RESULTS & 1 Way To Get Them!

Visible Results Start From Invisible Thoughts

Visible.. meaning you can see changes. Mainly in your body when you look at yourself in the mirror and how your clothes fit. These changes are one of the best when on a health & fitness journey. But where do they start from? Our Minds.

I always say one of the best things I did was to educate myself, my mind, and my body. I read books, watched documentaries, listened to podcasts, you name it. Because the more you know about something, the more you can easily apply it to your life. The more you are aware of why maybe sugar isn't good for you. Or why you should eat quinoa. If you're brave enough to make it through some of these books and documentaries.. I guarantee they will change your perspective and mind on some things. But another one of the best things I did was learn to...


Visualize.. your goals, your dreams, your anything. Visualizing was something very new to me when I started my journey. It's a little tricky in the beginning, however it has proved to be something wonderful. If you can put a picture in your mind to what you're wanting to accomplish, how you want to be, what you want to have/accomplish, look like, and feel.. it will move you to where you want to be faster!

Visualize yourself on a beach in the warm, white sand. The sun is out and you're enjoying the day with friends and good food. Now... before you start into thinking how you don't want to be in a bathing suit, or t-shirt and shorts, or anything but a hoodie and sweats. DO think of HOW YOU WANT LOOK, how you want to FEEL. Is it a one piece bathing suit? Feeling confident running into the water? Maybe it's a two piece bathing suit laying out on your beach towel?

Imagine everything you ever wanted that moment to be. Focus on how you want to feel. What you want to accomplish. How you're going to get there. What it will be like when you do.


Something I like to take the time to do is make a vision board. A board you can look at every single day and really start to feel where you want to be.

Grab some old magazines (fitness, home, health, etc), tape, scissors, and a piece of cardboard/foam board. Open the magazines and find some inspiring photos, quotes, images, messages, things you want to try, places you want to be. You can also print out photos of exactly where you want to go or something you've always wanted to try. Arrange them on the board and tape them down. I hang mine by my bed, but put your vision board somewhere where you'll see it every day.

When you take the time to visualize, look at your board and put your thoughts and energy into it. You can almost use this as a guided tool to get you to where you want to be.

Creating A Vision Board

^ One example of a vision board I created. Your board can have anything you want on it. Let your imagination and where you want to go, be your driving force. 

You can also create a Vision Board on Pinterest! Make a new board either private or public and add quotes, images, photos, etc to it. Look at it daily the same way you would an actual board.

and remember...

"Visible results start from invisible thoughts."

Transformation Girls Got Goalz

Our minds are the most valuable tool when it comes to losing weight, changing what we eat, how we see ourselves, and if we'll workout or not. 

YOU can achieve visible results! But it is entirely up to you. I hope this 1 step of visualizing and using vision boards helps you out. Feel free to update and change your board when you reach your goals or they change. :)

<3 Adele

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