Sunflowers + Fitness 🌻

Sunflowers + Fitness

How do sunflowers + fitness go together? Simply put, they don't.

But back in April my fiancΓ©, Vic, bought a 50lb bag of sunflower seeds and planted them in our field. His only hope? To see them grow. He had his doubts and we had a few frosts, but day after day they grew.
Some grew up faster than others, some had one flower, another had 10 flowers on one stalk.

And one little, tiny, seed that got out of the bag, planted itself in his truck bed.
Yes, his truck bed. And through rocks, trash, very little soil, grease, and a small amount of rain, it grew. We watched it.. a lot of people got a kick out of it.

"This guys got a plant growing in his truck!".

I wondered if it would get to the point of actually blooming.
It weathered long road trips, blowing in the dirty, highway air. It went through hot and humid summer days, even a few thunderstorms. Vic kept his eyes on it, watering it here and there.

And that little, tiny seed bloomed.

If you're waiting for the fitness correlation, here it is..
You don't need fancy equipment, or any equipment at all. You don't need the "super foods" out there, you don't need the blenders, juicers, or whatever-else-gadgets-there-are.
You don't need "workout clothes" or the best running shoes.

But what you do need are the guts to stand out there by yourself, the determination to make it through the elements, the patience to see yourself through the storms, the sun, fresh water, air, and a little love and support from others, to see yourself bloom.

Not everyone will understand your journey, just like not many think a sunflower can bloom in a truck bed. But you're not like everyone else out there.. you're on your own journey, in your own place, and on your own time.

So, go on and bloom where you're planted girl :)


<3 Adele