One Of The Best Things You Can Do To Lose Weight

One of the best things I did to lose weight, journaling. 

You might be thinking things like... a juice cleanse, maybe a tea tox or tracking everything I ate. But I'm here to tell you that it's much, much simpler than that! 

one of the BEST things I did to lose weight:


Yep... Every single day for the past almost three years. I keep my journal by my bedside, and I use it to write down my meals, workouts completed, and other health + fitness things throughout my day. This journal is just for health and fitness, workouts and food. I have a separate one for other life things. :) Not only has this kept me accountable day to day, but they are amazing to look back through. Here's a little breakdown of how I personally use a journal to track my health and fitness journey. 


At the beginning of every month I take a progress photo. In the mirror, usually in a sports bra + shorts, or underwear. I use the same mirror, same lighting, and usually the same time of day. I then print the photos out and stick them on pages that show all the days of the month.

When you don't think your body is changing... look back through the past months and years. YES, it really is changing. You just can't see it until you look back. In the one journal It had a place for Progress Pics, and also a place to record your measurements and weight. I roughly estimated my weight because I don't own a scale. I go by how I feel and how my clothes fit!

Girls Got Goalz Journaling- Progress Photos


At the beginning of every week I write out my workouts Monday - Friday and put a line before the workout. 
_____ Legs
_____ Run
All the way through to Saturday. On Sundays (my rest days) I put a ____ Rest. This way I'm planning my workouts and know exactly what I'm doing each day. Fail to plan, plan to fail!



At the end of the day when I crawl into bed. I put an X on the line I drew before my workout. Marking that I did in fact complete the workout planned. There hasn't been many days where I don't put an X. (If I don't put an X, I move that workout to another day to make sure it gets done.)

I also write and journal any food I had that I really liked or maybe something I ate that didn't make me feel good. I put a couple sentences of what I'm grateful. If I did anything like go for a walk at lunch, or had an active evening I put that down too. I write down my plans for the next day, what I want to accomplish. What I can do better tomorrow.

I always, always keep my journal as positive as I can. This is my HEALTH and it's an honor I get to move and feed my body the way I do. A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. Feel it with good things and you'll get good things out!

Girls Got Goalz Journals


2014- Lorna Jane
2015- Blogilates
2016- Lilly Pultizer (I modified a normal planner for this)

2017- Unknown! (for now) I saw the new Blogilates one that looks awesome!! I also found one at Michael's that I really liked the look of. I'm kinda picky when it comes to my personal journal. :)


To keep myself accountable. I don't rely on anyone or anything else. I track my food and how I feel. I always find and write down something I'm grateful for. I sometimes write about anything that is weighing me down or I need to get off my chest. I love writing motivational and inspiring quotes, dreams, and my goals.

The best part is I make it my own. I do what I like to do with my journal! And that's what's so fun about it. Make it something you like to do. Use these as tools to look back at your whole journey, where you have come from. 



If you know me you know I hated running.. but through my journals I can see where I grew with running. The day I ran 1 mile is in there, up until today when I journaled running 5 miles.


You won't die, XOXO running

It's your own personal growth that makes it worth it.

So go on! Get yourself a journal, planner, notebook. Something you can write down what you're doing to better yourself. Use it daily, keep your focus, plan things out, inspire yourself. No better time than the present!

<3 Adele

Journaling for weight loss, one of the best things I did to lose weight