My 45+lb Weight Loss Transformation

Yoga Post

"How do you get up and workout every day?"
"How do you eat healthy every day?"
"Why does it even matter? Does it make a difference?"

"How do you stay motivated?"

Those are all the questions I get asked often. And my answer to them is because working out and eating healthy makes me feel better, physically and mentally!
Taking care of myself is important to me because that's when I feel my best. It has made a huge difference in my life and literally changed the way I look.

I stay motivated by switching up my goals and striving to be better every day.
I love that I'm in charge of my body and able to create these changes for myself. 
And they look a little something like this...


Three Year Transformation Photo Front
Three Year Transformation Photo Side

2014 GOALS:
Focus on losing weight weight. I didn't have a certain amount in mind. I just wanted to keep going down on the scale and in pant sizes.
2015 GOALS:
Lose weight and see muscle definition. Keep on doing the same thing I was doing before. Gain strength.
2016 GOALS:
Start losing fat so I could see all my muscles! Change of programs and focused more on strength training/weights.
Present GOALS:
Keep on doing what I'm doing.. adding in different workouts that I've been wanting to. See more muscle definition/lean out. 


Be consistent. Have the will to get better, do better, and be better. This is what will get you to your goals, no matter what they are.

Transformation doesn't come overnight, for me it comes from working hard every single day that I can.
Find a love for it.. for a sport or an activity. Find a love for yourself and your body.

Side note... THIS is why progress photos are SO important, at least to me! I can't remember what I looked like back in 2014.. but these photos show me.
Taking both front and side progress photos is so rewarding when you're able to look back and compare them side to side.

<3 Adele