Making the Time to Workout | Getting Started Series

Making the Time to Workout | Getting Started Series
If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. - Jim Rohn

I'ma hit you hard with it right now.. the truth is if you have time to read this blog post, you have time to workout. 

Yeah.. yeah.. I know you're tired, or you just got up or you're refreshing your insta feed for the millionth time today (#guilty). But hear me out. Working out doesn't have to take a lot of time. An hour workout is 4% of your day. 4%! That means you have another 96% of your day to check FB, eat, shower, work, and live. 

In fact I bet you spend more time thinking about how you should workout instead of actually doing it.

The different between someone who doesn't have time to workout and someone who does isn't the actual time involved, it's the discipline. Here's 4 ways I've found that help me make time for working out. :)

I've told myself a million times at 4:50am.. "girls got goalz. Let's do this! Get up and get at it!"


If you have an important meeting or class to go to (and your job or grade depends on it), do you say to yourself "eh I don't need to go. I'll just lose my job/get an F in the class"? HECK NO! You get your butt to that meeting or class. You show up fully and with your best foot forward. It's something you've committed to.

Now I want you to take the same thing and apply it to working out. It's now a schedule meeting with yourself. You wouldn't miss it for the world. Put it in your planner, journal, phone. Anywhere you will see it and remember it!

If you do miss your scheduled workout time.. you're missing a chance to better yourself, feel better, and feel happier. Be there for yourself. No one else will make you do it. No one!

Schedule Your Workouts In


The best way I've stuck to working out is committing to a challenge or program. Whether it's one you make up on your own, or you purchase a program from a trainer, or you go to a workout class. 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, doesn't matter. What you've done is taken the guess work out of finding a workout to do or endlessly scrolling online for workout ideas.

When you find a program to do, you automatically know what your workout is. You know how long it will take, you know what equipment you'll need, and you know when you should do it. You make it easy to hop in your workout clothes, hit the gym/or your home, and get it done!

You can spend more time focusing on your actual workout than planning it out!

Schedule Your Workouts In


I talk about this allllll the time because I truly believe in it. I don't strength train in a gym. Why? Because I simply don't want to/don't like it right now. Maybe in a few years that will be my thing. But right now? I'd rather be out running, doing a HIIT workout, practicing yoga, or doing strength at home. This is where my success has been!

I still love to do Zumba and dance around the house like a crazy person (if you like dancing I highly recommend checking out The Fitness Marshall!). And some days that's exactly what I do! You gotta let yourself do what you love. There are sooo many programs, videos, and workouts out there. Find what YOU love to do. Don't know? Think back to your childhood and what you used to do outside. Was it jump in puddles? Play tag? Do cartwheels in the yard? Use those good memories and put them to use in finding a workout you love and go do that.


Do Something You Love for your Workouts


Why Workout? What's in it for you? What are you trying to get from it? 

For me it's because I know the after feeling. For example, endorphins.. one of the chemicals released in your body that gives you a "high" feeling and makes you! I feel it most after running or a fun/energetic workout. These feelings keep me coming back for more.

When I'm done with my workout.. I will tell myself "Man.. hitting the pavement this morning was extremely rewarding. Remember this feeling". And I pull that memory up my thoughts are telling me I don't want to workout or can't find the time. I want that feeling again. As a bonus working out makes me feel healthy, alive, and gives me soo much energy throughout the day.

Know YOUR why. Is it to lose weight? Feeling lighter? Get stronger? Do a push-up? Run a mile? Remind yourself of your WHY when your brain starts tricking you into all the reasons why you can't workout.

Why do you workout? Girls got goalz getting started series

Have an idea for a Getting Started Series post or have a question about working out? Comment below and let me know!

Until then.. Did you sweat today?

Making the Time to Workout | Getting Started Series
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