How To Make A (home) Workout Space For You


About 4 years ago... I moved into a cottage along a lake. Little did I know where that cottage would take me.
It isn't just the cottage, but it's the independence that comes with it.

My own space to do my own thing. My own kitchen to eat and cook how I wanted.
My own area to decorate. And my own piece of mind.

From an area that is yours, you learn and grow. You learn how to sit with yourself. Talk with yourself. Listen to yourself. You have the building blocks to take your life however you want to go.

Here's how I created my own workout space and lost 45 pounds with it!


Creating A Workout Space

Your workout space serves three purposes:

1. Room for you to workout in
Dedicated room where you can move freely, lay down, stand up with your arms overhead, and jump. 

2. Room to store your equipment
No matter where you go, you''ll need a place to store your weights. Whether it's behind the couch, under the couch/bed, or out in the open. Keep them handy and easy to just pull out and use!

3. A space just for you
Make a little corner of the room for yourself, where you can store your equipment and anything else you need for your workouts.

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How To Create Your Own Workout Space At Home Girls Got Goalz
Making Your Own Workout Space

Do you have your own workout space in your house/apartment? Where is it? Comment down below and share your spaces!

<3 Adele