Reaching Your Goals + Still Having Ice Cream :) (Is it doable?)


Can you lose weight while eating ice cream?



It's true.. you can have ice cream and lose weight. I only know this because I've done it. Creating a healthy lifestyle you can live day in and day out isn't about cutting everything out of your diet. 

Every food choice is a yes for me.
Nothing is off limits.

However, just because I say yes to everything, doesn't mean I do eat everything. There are lots of things I stay away from like pop, candy, processed/boxed foods, things that have 30million ingredients in them, etc. However one thing I do enjoy is ice cream. Ever since I've been little it's been something I love. Just like other people love chocolate or peanut butter.

Ice cream is my go to.

I just save it for a special time or a special day. It's not a every day staple (although that would be awesome if it was!) but I don't think I would enjoy it as much.

Creating a life you can live day to day without restricting yourself is the best way to see results and make them stay. If you deprive yourself of everything you love.. what's the fun in that?!

Allow yourself some of your favorite things here and there, it'll help you reach your goals, I promise!

Love ice cream like I do?
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Do weights for muscle, cardio for heart, and ice cream for mental health #GirlsGotGoalz

If you could eat one kind of ice cream for the rest of your life what would it be? Mine would be Snickers! Comment below and tell me your fav!

<3 Adele
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