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Oh boy.. Did I used to hate running. Ask my friend, a long time ago she mentioned running. I'm not sure if it was my previous experience at gymnastics and hating feeling out of breath, burning lungs, and aching muscles #AMIRIGHT? or if I was just generally didn't like to do it.

After being a competitive gymnast for 10 years, I still couldn't run the mile and get the Presidential test time (you know, that test we had to do in school... lame). Never. However... sit-ups, pull-ups, shuttle run, sit-n-reach, all about it. I could ace those with Presidential like it was nothing (gymnast probs).  But the "long distance", not sprinting, wasn't my thing.

It took me a lot of time, hurting feet, burning lungs, and deep breaths to realize I could run. The only thing holding me back, was me.
Here are some of the tips & tricks I've learned on my running journey.


If you don't have the right kind.. get some NOW. You want to get sweat wicking socks that will keep moisture out so you don't get blisters. Keep in mind that your feet will swell when running. I get a 1/2 size up for my running shoes to allow for this. 


You bet your best dollar I don't go running without my music. I have a Spotify playlist just for running/working out. Music can make or break a good run for me. My phone in my armband (from Marshalls) and I wear headphones.

As for gum, be careful not to choke on it if you decide to run with it. You can keep in under your tongue or chew it.. either way it will keep your mouth from getting dry. Also something for you to think about while runnin' & jammin' out!

TIP: Save your favorite/best pumped-up-songs for the end of your run. This will give you something to look forward to when you don't want to go anymore! Loving Break A Sweat by Becky G.

Running | Getting Started Series


Dressing in layers (think zippers) if it's cold outside. You'll most likely warm up out there so having an easy way to cool down/take layers off is key.

You'll soon learn the weather you like to run in (I actually prefer cooler temps). Around 50/60 degrees is cool but perfect running weather for me. Be sure you bundle when you need to and take off layers when you're too hot.

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If you've ever done yoga or actually breathe during workouts (TIP.. you should :)) you know how important your breath is. Breathing through your mouth will get the most oxygen to your burning muscles, go this route. Learning to breathe from your stomach (not your chest) is key here. Good article on breathing while running can be found here.

Girls Got Goalz Running


When you run it takes your body time to adjust to all the energy you're expending. You went from a regular state to an exerted running state. After running for a few minutes/miles (different for every body) you will start to pace out. Your heart isn't working as hard to pump the blood through your body and your lungs have caught up as well. You will finally feel like it's not "that" hard to keep going!


Grab a girlfriend who is wanting to try running! Or grab one that you know will hold you accountable and will make you do it (esp at 5:30am). Sometimes the littlest accountability is just what you need! Lean on each other, use tips and tricks from other runners, and hit the pavement together.

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Know that you can always go farther than you think! You always can. The only thing limiting you, is you. I started wogging (walk-jogging) about 1 mile, and slowly worked up to 4 miles. Last summer I was following a plan that had a 10k in it. You want me to run 6 miles!? 

PS... In case you don't know (I didn't either!):
5k- 3.1 miles
10k- 6.2 miles

I took what I learned and I did it. And I did it again the next week. 6 miles when I was normally running 4. And just like that I overcame a hurdle I didn't even know I was in front of. You're body can do amazing things, it's our minds we have to convince!

And there you have it! 7 tips to get you started running and eventually love it! If I can do it.. so can you. Don't give up on yourself.. I promise this is worth it. You'll soon fall in love with it and be running for fun! Which I didn't even know that was possible ;)

Any tips or tricks you've learned that helps you run? Comment them below!

Did you sweat today?

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