#EatPrettyEveryDayGoalz 2018 Book

I can't think of a better way to start the new year and winter season then with a daily guidance/lesson in nourishing our beauty from the inside and out. Can you?

My friend Emily and I started the book "Eat Pretty Every Day" by Jolene Hart at the beginning of the new year. Since it's winter, we started in the back of the book with that season. We had some catching up to do since the book goes by seasons (whoops) but that was no biggie because they are easy reads. :)

We're reading a page a day (sometimes less) and learning little tips, tricks, and fun ways to incorporate health into our lives. So far I've started adding cinnamon to more of my foods, taking a look at what's in my chapstick, and turning my bedroom into a place for deep, restful sleep (no TV discractions here!). 

"Eat Pretty Every Day"  byJolene Hart 

"Eat Pretty Every Day"  byJolene Hart 

Here's your invite to grab the book and join us for 365 days! Nothing else to it but learning alongside us.

If you wanna join us, grab the book off amazon and dive in. We're using the hashtag #eatprettyeverydaygoalz to talk about things we've learned and where we are in the book! 🍓  You can easily catch up with us! No need to worry there. :)

If you're joining us now we're on...
January 11, 2018- WINTER Day 22

It would be amazing to open up these discussions and see what we can learn from one another. :)

<3 Adele

PS.. Let me know if your'e joining in the comments below so I can keep an eye out for your posts!

Photo from @emilygotgoalz on Instagram

Photo from @emilygotgoalz on Instagram