🌎 Earth Day 2018 + 5 Ways We Can Help 🌎

Our Earth...

I’ve always been interested in it. From watching storms roll in, being excited hearing thunder, and seeing lightning crack in the distance. I also was mesmerized by the planets and space, I love astronomy. Still to this day when we get a clear night, I love to look up at the stars and just see what I can see.

There’s no surprise I love my sunrises as well.. Something about being up when the rest of the world is sleeping and seeing that magically moment that only lasts a few minutes. The colors are breathtaking and there’s nothing else like it.

So in turn.. I also believe in protecting our planet.

Here are some of the ways I’m working on making
my time here on Earth more sustainable & how you can  too!


Plastic trash, plastic bags, plastic everything= REUSABLE SHOPPING BAGS.
I remember getting home from the grocery store years ago and having like 10 freakin’ bags and I’m like.. This is such a waste. One, stores feel the need to bag everything separately for some reason (when I worked at Target I loaded peoples bags full… sorry not sorry. Those suckers can hold like up to 15lbs!). 

So I started investing in the reusable shopping bags and bringing them everywhere with me, or just asking that my stuff not be bagged. Not only do you have less bags to carry in when you get home, but you don’t have the plastic bags to do something with and you’re protecting the earth and animals from getting stuck in them. I even got my husband to take them with him to the store and use them! :)



Plastic water bottles= METAL, REUSABLE BOTTLES
Ditched those a long time ago. I’ve been using a metal, reusable water bottle, and loving because it keeps my drinks SO cold. I take it with me EVERYWHERE. Literally, around the house, in the bedroom at night, in the car, everywhere. I love that I’m getting my water intake in daily. And that it lets me keep plastic water bottles out of the environment. I can’t remember the last time I bought a bottle of water… 

This also goes for taking your tumbler/cup with you to get coffee!
They'll fill it up for you and often times give you a discount for bringing your own mug! My favorite for coffee is my Healthy Human Tumbler from Amazon, duh.




Reusable Water Bottle + Metal Straw


This goes along with the plastic water bottles. Your new best friend will be metal straws= game changer. Boy is your water cold when drinking through them! And they can be reused again and again, and again. They won’t break when you drop them.

When you're at a restaurant or getting a drink from a store, ask to not have a straw (or just bring your own cup!). Easy peasy!
(PS… invest in a straw cleaner as well, they come in very handy)


Sandwich Bags= STASHER BAGS
Most recently I’ve been changing my sandwich bag game.. I just found Stasher Bags, they’re silicon bags that are plastic free. And you can even boil in them! I went on a hike the other day and they were perfect for putting my almonds and fig bars in.


Meatless Monday Meals.png


Reducing your meat intake can be big on the environment. The amount of food and water we use to grow the animals we then slaughter is horrendous. Just googling about animal agriculture and the environment and you’ll see for yourself. Not only are these amazing animals slaughtered, but the days before their death (and their entire lives) are horrible. :( I’ve been meat free for over three years and don’t regret that decision, it’s a personal choice for all of us. Plus, they now make a lot of meatless alternatives! I picked these up at my local Aldis.


Girls Got Goalz Earth day

There are so many more ways to help our Earth out and to live a sustainable life.

Comment below, I'd love to here what you do! :)

I also wrote a post on my Cruelty Free Journey and the products I love using that are better for our world. You can find that here.

<3 Adele