Why I Love Carbs + You Should Too

Girls Got Goalz Carbs are Friends, Not Failures

"Fish are friends, not food"
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But in this case, carbs ARE our friends. Are you looking at me like.. Umm excuse me, Adele? Carbs are what? But carbs make you fat! I can't eat bread or pasta AND lose weight!

And I'm here to tell you... YES YOU CAN! :) Now before we get to crazy, you have to know the kinds of carbs I'm talking about. Complex carbs!

Complex Carbs take your body a longer time to digest, so they keep you fuller longer. Complex Carbs are things like quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal, beans, etc.

Simple Carbs on the other hand are very easily digestible. Things like white bread, white rice, and baked goods (think the donuts found in your nearest convenience store), pop, candy, etc. These will spike your blood sugar and leave you hungry right after.

Side note.. fruits & veggies (like bananas!) are technically simple carbs. However they provide wayyyy more nutrients than a can of pop does. Don't leave these guys out!

So what are some of my favorite good carbs to eat?!

1. SWEET POTATO- I love baking a sweet potato in the oven. When it's in there I throw black beans, salsa, spinach, and seasonings in a pan on the stove. Mix together until warm. Top your sweet potato with the bean mixture. Perfect dinner!

2. QUINOA- I LOVE this "One Pan Mexican Quinoa" dish. It's so simple because it takes 1 pan to make and is perfect for meal prep!

3. OATMEAL- You all know I love a good bowl of oatmeal (keep in mind the difference between oatmeals.. you want to go for steel cut or rolled oats). Top it off with some a banana, peanut butter, coconut flakes, and real maple syrup. You got yourself a delicious filling breakfast!

Carbs are friends, not failures!

Carbs are an important part of my nutrition because they give me the energy I need to workout and live life! What are some of your favorites carbs??

<3 Adele
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