"Do weights for muscles - Cardio for heart - Ice cream for mental health" #AllAboutBalance


"Do weights for muscles - Cardio for heart - 
Ice cream for mental health"  

-Local Dairy Aisle

You may be wondering.. what the heck does ice cream have to do with mental health?
WELL! To me... a lot!

Once you head into your health/fitness/weight loss/anything journey.. It's important to still enjoy things. I found that if you deny or don't allow yourself to have something (especially something you REALLY like) then you're not going to get far.

Depriving myself doesn't do me any good and it wears on my mind. By allowing myself some ice cream here and there (something I do REALLY like!) I'm allowing myself a little break and a something delicious!

But for me, it comes down to balance. Can I eat ice cream every day and reach my goals? No. It's probably the same for you. Balance your treats with your healthy smoothies, meals, and everything else.

So thanks to the dairy aisle for this reminder! Like I needed a sign tho ;)

PS... I totally recommend checking out Ben & Jerry's VEGAN ice cream for a sweet treat! You can also try making your own Banana "Nice Cream"! (Recipe to come soon!)


How do you balance your lifestyle with something you LOVE? Let me know in the comments!

<3 Adele