5 Ways To Chill Out This Holiday Season

Chillmas= Chill + Christmas Season

It seems like every day we're running around with our heads cut off, avoiding traffic here, eating there, a million tabs open in our brains.

But today I'm sharing some ways we can take our power back.
You see, nothing will get accomplished if we're running around like that.

I'm sharing some of my favorite ways to "chill" during this busy season.
And also, just with life in general.


1. Politely Say No

All those things that you don't want to go to or think you're obligated to go to? Let's just RSVP "no" to them. Sometimes your mental health means more than just something you "have" to go to.

2. Say Yes

Since we said NO to the cousin's-boyfriends-best friends-sisters party.. we can now commit to taking care of ourselves.
Doing something we've been wanting to do for awhile. Get out that book and finish it. Take time wrapping gifts and writing cards to family and friends. Take a bubble bath. Roll out your yoga mat and give your body some love with some stretching.
All those things you're too busy to do, go do them now.

5 ways to have a "chillmas season" this year!

3. Stock Up On The Foods You Need

Want to know one thing I dread doing.. grocery shopping. Anyone else with me?? So this time of year I like to stock up on things that I'll be needing or the things I use often.
Beans, canned tomatoes, apples, seasonings, superfoods like chia/flax/cacao, coffee, etc. Grab an extra can or two of those things to have readily on hand.
Saves you time and trips to the store once again!

5 ways to have a "chillmas season" this year!


4. Get Up Early Or Stay Out Late

This ones goes along with the #3. Stock up at the right time of day. I worked retail for over six years.. and I can tell you that the best times to shop (meaning no one is in the store) is right when the store opens or before it closes. There are my sweet spots. I'd rather be to the store at 7am then 4pm on a Saturday. Anyone else been there? So get in there early or stay up and go later.. But save yourself some headache and go when the stores are less busy.

5. Slow Down

Wake up, workout, breakfast, work, lunch, home, dinner, leave the house again? shopping? family obligation? time with friends? holiday party? work party? drinks with high school BFFs?

WHOA! I know there are some things that we don't want to get out of going to (or can't) BUT just remember to take some time for yourself this season. Take a night and catch up on all the little things that have been rattling around in your brain. Do the dishes, laundry, wrap presents, hang lights, burn that candle, draw that bubblebath, make those pancakes.

Remember when you fill up your own cup, it allows you to pour into others.

5 ways to have a "chillmas season" this year!

Sometimes those little things are just the distraction time we need to breathe and re-find our joy and happiness this time of year. :)

And there you have it... 5 ways to have a chillmas season.
Commit to saying no to annoying things so you can commit to saying yes to you.
Stock up on the things you'll need, do this early or later than normal.
And finally, slow down, fill up your own cup before you pour into others. 

Promise to make yourself a priority and you'll get through the end of the year just fine. :)

What are some ways you like to "chillout" this time of year? I'd love to hear about them!
Drop them in the comments.

<3 Adele


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