4 Things You Can Do To Help You Lose Weight

I was talking to a friend about our lives. Who is in charge of them? Whose rules do we follow? When you take a step back.. are you living for you, or are you living how you think you're supposed to live? I've found myself and along the way I've lost 45lbs.. you can read about my transformation here!

When you take control of your life.. start doing things you want to do, and thinking the way you want to think, amazing things happen. You start to see the world differently, and just because "so and so" does it this way.. doesn't mean you have to. āœŒšŸ»

You are in control of your life. And you learn that by leaning into what you're interested in and trying new things. 
Do you have to get up early in the mornings and workout? No. If you want to, yes. But if afternoon/evening workouts work better for you, then do those.

]It's about learning reallllyy what works best for you. Going your own way until it becomes your normal.

Things I've done that have helped me on my journey and that I've done just for myself, that you can do too:

1. Starting a private fitness instagram, just for my fitness/nutrition.
Posting to it one time a day for me.

2. Journaling all of my food, my workout, and sleep at the end of each day. It's really nice to have a journal to look back through and see right there, everything you've accomplished.

Journaling For Success | Losing Weight

3. Researched and learned about nutrition and what I'm eating. 

4. Found workouts I actually liked doing. Earlier you wouldn't of caught me running.. I'm more of a Zumba/dancing for my workout kinda girl. But since then I've learned to enjoy running. It all comes with time. 

4 Things I've Done to Help Me Lose Weight | Find a Workout You LOVE

So if you got anything from reading this maybe it was just a little reassurance or nudge that that one thing you're interested in you should go and try.. then that's perfect.
Or maybe you just needed to hear this to fully jump into something.

Whatever you do.. make it work for you.
That's what Girls Got Goalz is all about!

Do what's best for you girl

<3 Adele