30 BY 30 (30 things I'm doing before November 2019)


30 by 30

30 things to do, try, or complete before I’m 30 on November 29, 2019.

My friend and accountability partner, Mo, told me about this “30 by 30” thing she was going to do this year. It’s basically 30 things we want to do by the time we’re 30. Ya girl will be 30 this November! So here is my list so you all can hold me accountable for what happens this year. I’ve broken the areas into Business, Home, Fitness, Life, and Friends. These seem to be the areas of my life where I’m focused in for 2019.

My main goal for making this list is to keep these things top of mind and be constantly working on bettering myself and striving for these goals. Here’s to finishing the last year in my 20’s with a bang!
If you’re going to start your own list, be it any number of things, promise me you’ll do one thing:


Meaning.. Don’t just say “run more”. Because what exactly does that look like? How much running is “more”?  Signup for a 5k, so you can say “Complete a 5k run”.
Make goals that are as visual as crossing a finish line.
For example, I said “Reach 100 Etsy sales” not just “more sales”.

30 BY 30

  1. Bring the “Goalz Guide” to life and help women change their lives with daily habits along with a limited time bundle. (Signup to know when it’s live here)

  2. Reach 100 (or more) sales in the Girls Got Goalz Etsy Shop (starting with 34 in December)

  3. Host a summer workout class with Mo at different parks

  4. Ask for help when I get stuck in my head. Talk to friends, family, others about things and work through them.

  5. Complete an online course I’m in (I’ll share more later!)

  6. Start a compost bin

  7. Start a garden in the spring/summer

  8. Take a DNA test

  9. Make a family tree

  10. Donate and get rid of things no longer needed (wedding decor, odds n ends)

  11. Read 6 books:  

    1. Girl Wash Your Face (COMPLETED 1/20)

    2. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

    3. Grace Not Perfection

  12. Complete Beast On The Bay - September 7th

  13. Run The Edge “2019 miles in 2019” with Mo

  14. Take a pole dancing class

  15. Take a hip hop dance class

  16. Take a hot yoga class

  17. Learn tennis + play this summer

  18. Do a ninja course (get air erie)

  19. Learn how to do an “illusion” spin (?)

  20. Go and Dance at The Fitness Marshall Tour!

  21. Travel more (cruise in March)

  22. Pay off our mortgage (Completed 2/2019) and START BUILDING A HOUSE! (This will go past my 30th birthday.. But to start would be amazing)

  23. Take a new class (cooking, vegetarian, etc)

  24. Go to the Erie “Veg Fest” 2019

  25. Learn how to change a tire, use jumper cables, etc.. car maintenance things

  26. Get photos done with Vic (my husband)

  27. Get sister tattoos.

  28. Meet new friends throughout all the adventurers!

Last updated 2/26/2019

And that’s all I have for right now! I’m working my way through these goals and crossing them off as I complete each one. If you have more ideas for me, or more books I should read, let me know! I’d love to hear from you. :)

What’s something you want to do by the end of this year? Let me know in the comments below. Tag me on Instagram @GirlsGotGoalz and share your own journey!

<3 Adele