3 Ways To Make Working Out "Easier" ;)

3 Ways To Make Working Out "Easier" ;)


Today I’m going to share some tips that have personally helped me when it comes to getting that dang workout in. There’s some easy ways you can “trick” yourself into getting it done without all that mental talk.


One of the best ways to hop right into your workout is to have a set space in your home that is for working out. Whether you roll out your mat in the living room or have a completely separate room for everything. Make that space and use it. When it’s time for your workout, you know exactly where you’re going to go.

3 Ways To Make Working Out Easier

BONUS… have all your workout equipment there too. Weights, bands, sliders, ball. Everything. That way it’s easy to grab and get it done.
This includes your clothes as well!

3 Ways To Make Working Out Easier



Sorry, not really sorry. Away it goes. Turn it off, put it in the other room, just get it outta your sight! There have been so many times I’m tempted to “take a break” and scroll instagram or hop on Facebook. But when you do this, you take your concentration away from your workout. Your brain has to switch gears from focused, to not focused. And then when you’re ready to get back into it, you have to convince yourself to work again. You'll be done in no time!

If you use it for a timer I suggest using a computer instead or buying a little timer that you can use. That way you’re not distracted by text messages or those little notifications on your screen.


I love setting a timer for 5 minutes (or more) to warmup and then from there... going straight into my workout.
No stopping or fussing around, straight into the workout. That means already having everything you need set out. Your workout in front of you, weights, bands, etc.
It’s a easy habit to get into a good flow with!

5 minute warm up timer for ya HERE :)
And if you need some workouts, I have some for you right here as well!

Did you sweat today??

And there you have it.. 3 ways to make working out "easier'!
1. Set Your Workout Space
2. Put The Phone Away
3. Timed Warmup

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