3 Ways to Get Up & Workout


I haven't always worked out in the mornings.. in fact some days I do opt for a afternoon workout (esp in the fall when it's warm and the suns out!). I started working out in the mornings because it was a way to get my workout out of the way and I feel so good starting my day with a sweat session. It doesn't matter what kind of movement you do each day, as long as you MOVE! We're so used to getting up in the morning, going to work and sitting, and coming home and sitting on the couch. We barely move! But our bodies were made for movement! It will decrease your health risks of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and back and muscle strain. Here's three ways that have helped me to get up and move my body.



Be it your phone or alarm clock.. across the room it goes! This allows you to actually get up instead of laying there to turn it off or hit snooze. Once I'm up I turn on a light to get my body adjusted to light. I sometimes will hit snooze for another 10 minutes, but then I'm up and ready to go. Up & at 'em!




We're talkin' clothes here! Both workout and regular clothes. You should know your workout for the morning (if not, prepare that too!), so the night before pick out a workout outfit that will be best for that workout. Put it beside your bed or on your dresser so you're ready to hop into it! This also goes for your normal/work clothes.. Pick them out the night before and they're ready for you after your workout.




For the first week, set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier. Let your body get used to this schedule. And then increase it to 30 minutes earlier on the second week. And go from there. Soon you'll be waking up earlier with little to no trouble!

Some side notes...

1. Start paying attention to your body and how the rest of your day unfolds after you get in a morning workout. Do you have more energy? Are you more alert at work? For me the benefits wayyyy outweigh the getting up earlier "issue". I feel so much better and can focus on taking care of other things because I've taken care of me first thing in the morning!

2. This will take time, no doubt about it. Listen to your body.. If you're so dead you can barely open your eyes after a few days you may need to go to bed earlier. There are days when I bounce out of bed, and days where I'm rolling out. Either way listening to your body will tell you how you're doing. Give yourself a few weeks to test out getting up earlier and working out. Pay attention to all the benefits from it!


Do you have any tricks to help yourself get in a workout? Comment below! It may help someone get their sweat session in today. :)

PS... I LOVE refueling with a SMOOTHIE! No better way to get in all that post workout goodness :)

<3 Adele