My 2018 Word of the Year + Girls Got Goalz's "Goals"

Welcome 2018!

Doesn't that number just SOUND good?! Adios 2017, we're ready for you new year. So tell me.. new year, new you? Same amazing you? But with new goals? Maybe some new goals you want to tackle, challenges you want to face? Me too.
Today I wanted to talk about my word for 2018 and what some of my goals for fitness, health, and just general ones are.

Let's start with the


Girls Got Goalz Word of the Year 2018

Strong is my 2018 word.

But not the kind of so strong that becomes crippling, but the kind of strong that has love standing right next to it. Strong mentally to finish books, finish tasks, create and envision new ideas, and to stick to decisions. Strong emotionally to let all the emotions show, whether that's standing up for something I believe in (like myself), or strong enough to let myself break down and feel things. Strong physically to be able to do push-ups, conquer workouts, and challenge myself in ways I've only dreamed of. Strong in all aspects of my life.

šŸ“– Strong mentally
šŸ’— Strong emotionally
šŸ’ŖšŸ» Strong physically

Along with strong, I'm also going go get out of my own way.

I want to CREATE more and CONSUME less. Stop scrolling Instagram and start putting all the ideas I have into action and following through with them. Things includes things like...

ā€¢ Blogging, something I've been wanting to do for forever but just never have.
ā€¢ Photography, taking more photos of recipes, styled shots, and workouts.
ā€¢ Writing/Story Telling, things I've learned and that have helped me.
ā€¢ Reading, finish all those dang books I have before I get anymore.
ā€¢ Cooking, learn to cook different foods and recipes.

2018 Goalz


Here are some goals I have for myself this year when it comes to fitness (and health!).

ā€¢ Workouts on a schedule, I do WAY better with a schedule and knowing what workout I'm doing what day. This is KEY for me to feel my best.
ā€¢ Classes, find local classes like Spinning, Boxing, Yoga, TRX and barre and give them a try!
ā€¢ Meal Prepppp!, get back to meal prepping like I used to. Saves money and time.
ā€¢ Outside activities, do more hiking, biking, running outside during the nice months.
ā€¢ Motivated Goalz 6 Week Program, complete and finish the 6 week program Mo and I made up (

So there you have it! My 2018 Word + Goalz for the new year!

How about you? Do you have any goals you want to achieve this new year? Write them down, comment them below, and share them with people who will hold you accountable. Those are some of the best ways to assure yourself you'll reach them!

<3 Adele