When Change Happens (My Why)



If there's one thing I learned from my photography classes in college... it's that you should have a reason for doing something. A reason why you chose to do it this way, and not that way... A reason why you're doing it all. Simply, a reason why. So today I want to share my reason for starting my site.

If you knew me in high school, you knew up until 11th grade I was in competitive gymnastics. I was very active, burning off thousands of calories at practice (most likely). Fast forward to the end of high school and through college.. I wasn't that active. Sure, I went to the gym every now and then. What college kid doesn't at least try ;) ... psh

Way over the freshman 15.. unhealthy food and drinks, everywhere. Cinnamon sticks from John's at 11:00 at night. Pop. Burgers. French fries, lots of fries. A salad here and there. The list goes on... and on..

Fast forward even more and I'm a totally different girl.. Just with a (totally) different perspective. A few years after college I went to a Zumbathon at the Convention Center in Erie, so pretty much a big dance party. I fell in love. Maybe it was my old dance days from gymnastics coming back. Either way I got the DVDs and started doing them.

Turns out you can't out work a bad diet. Things needed to change.

Insert an awesome friend/co-worker/mentor/personal fitness trainer/mainly friend... Who got me started with everything. She set me up on a workout schedule and recommended things to start eating. Then I got into it.. I researched foods, read books, watched documentaries, wrote things down, learned what I was putting in my body. And wow does that make a difference!

January 2015-December 2015

January 2015-December 2015

So here's my reason why. To show you what I did, learned, and now know. To show you that you can know these things too. In over two years I've lost over forty pounds. But I've gained so much more than just losing.

It's not easy sharing this out in the open.. But this is my why. To educate and help anyone who is wiling to listen and put the work in. 

My Resources:

Skinny Bitch
The Body Book
Make Your Own Rules Diet

Documentaries (most are on Netflix):
Food, Inc.
Forks Over Knives
Fat Sick and Nearly Dead
Super Size Me
Hungry For Change

Tone It Up
Well + Good

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