How to KICK BUTT an hour earlier!

Wake Up Early- Girls Got Goalz

True fact: You have to get up sometime in the morning. You can't sleep forever...

Another fact: Working out in the morning is said to improve your mood through out the day and leave you feeling amazing!*

*Girls Got Goalz tested ;)

So how do you get yourself UP for your workouts, earlier than you're used to?!

Girls Got Goalz Tip:

Put your alarm clock across the room.

Yep.. And turn your alarm sound ON and LOUD. Even if it's your phone! (Bonus points if you sleep with a partner, this will make you get up faster!)

What this does: Forces you to get up and out of bed. Once you're there.. Stay there. Turn on a light. Watch to your thoughts, but don't listen to yourself. Think about how accomplished you'll feel after you walk, run, lift, yoga, HIIT, or do anything to break a sweat!


Sometimes knowing my breakfast is going to be a delicious smoothie is enough to get me up. Along with a wonderful way to start the day. Talk yourself into it, instead of out of it.

So there you have it! What is a tip you have for waking up early to workout?! Let me know in the comments!

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Until next time, make it happen!
<3 Adele