Transformations Are For You

Meet Victor (my fiancé) and myself (Adele). We've been dating 7 years and have had our own fitness (and health) journeys. I think what makes our transformations so wonderful is that we did them alone, but together.  Vic gained muscle, and I lost weight (and gained muscle!). The thing is is that we did it for ourselves, not for each other.

When it comes to reaching your goals I think it’s important to find what YOU love to do and can stick with.

I’m a vegetarian, he’s a meat lover.

He likes lifting, I like cardio.

I’d rather drink a smoothie, he’d rather have iced tea.

The list goes on and on. He couldn’t make me get up at 4:50 am if I didn’t want to myself. And I couldn’t make him drink a smoothie if he didn’t want to himself.

We both worked out and ate differently, but the one thing was the same… our commitment. To ourselves and our relationship. It doesn’t matter if what someone else is doing, as long as you’re doing what makes YOU happy. Other people will love you for you.

Decide & Commit- Reach your goals!

- Adele