Girls Got Goalz Success Story

Girls Got Goalz Success Story
“What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.”

This is SO true, especially with fitness and nutrition.
Girls Got Goalz Success Story

Around 3 years ago I went to a Zumbathon and I fell in love. After college (and during) I wasn't working out that much. I had come from competitive gymnastics background and just hadn't found anything I liked to do workout wise. But Zumba changed that, I purchased the DVDs and started doing them. A little while after that I realized I was getting nowhere by working out but not changing my nutrition. (Turns out you can’t out work a bad diet.)

A few months after that I met an awesome friend at work who is a personal trainer, and she set me up on a workout schedule and recommended things to start eating. Then I got into it.. I researched foods, read books, watched documentaries, wrote things down, learned what I was putting in my body. And wow does that make a difference!

Around that time I found Tone It Up, and purchased their Nutrition Plan. I started following the plan along with my previous knowledge.

My workouts have ranged from Zumba, running, lifting, T25, to currently Kayla Itsines's, Bikini Body Guide.  I've completed BBG1 twice and BBG2 once so far!

45 pounds down and a lot of confidence gained! I've found a love for working out and fueling my body right. :) It takes a lot of hard work, but it's SO worth it!

How did you stay motivated?

I have a vision board that I am constantly changing and updating to reflect my current goals. I also love being on Pinterest and Instagram looking at new workouts and recipes!

Do you have any advice for girls who are working on their goals?

Stay consistent and never give up on your goals. No matter who, what, where or when... keep striving to do the best you can. :)

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