2012 to 2017 | Transformation Tuesday

2012 to 2017

Hey, what's up, helloooo!

I'm Adele.. the girl in both of those photos. The one on the left was taken at my college graduation in May 2012. And then one on the right is from my wedding in September 2017. So the photos are 5 years apart. And wow does time fly and things change!

You might notice the outer changes that I've been working on. I lost weight and got married (to the same guy whose hand you can see haha). But the internal differences you can't see.. so I want to tell you about them today.

May 2012 to September 2017. Right photo © Rachel Lusky Photography

May 2012 to September 2017. Right photo © Rachel Lusky Photography


After college (and during) I wasn't working out that much (does walking to class count?). I had come from competitive gymnastics background and just hadn't found anything I liked to do workout wise. But Zumba changed that for me. I purchased the DVDs and started doing them for my workouts. A little while after that I realized I was getting nowhere by working out but not changing my nutrition. (Turns out you can’t out work a bad diet.)

A few months after that I met an awesome friend at work who is a personal trainer, and she set me up on a workout schedule and recommended things to start eating. Then it was up to me to take charge. I researched foods, read books, watched documentaries, wrote things down, learned what I was putting in my body.
And that, my friends, is where it's at.

Today my goals are different but how I get there is the same. Consistent (and I mean consistent) love and care for the body I'm in. Take it from a girl who has always been self conscious, learning to appreciate your body can make all the difference in the world. And it's not just when you put on a bathing suit, it's every day. Every day when you get out of bed, put on clothes, try on that wedding dress, lay on the couch, how you feel about yourself is different.

Not just the weight loss, but the confidence and strength I've gained.
It's a whole new outlook on life. Dive into yourself. I promise, it's worth it.

Photos © Rachel Lusky Photography

Photos © Rachel Lusky Photography

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A commitment you make to yourself to reach your goals.
No matter how long it takes, how small or big they are, or if you’re the only one that knows about them. Fitness, education, self development, life... doesn’t matter what category. It’s the little voice inside your head saying.. keep going, you can do this, you got this 😘
It doesn’t matter what other people are doing, you do what’s best for you. It doesn’t matter what other people think or say, you still do what’s right for you.
You be proud of you 🙌🏻