2 Yummy Ways To Care For Your Skin

Dry Brushing and coffee scrub Mr. Bean

Self care dives into all areas of our lives. Working out, eating healthy, drinking water, getting enough sleep, skin care routines, etc.

Today I'm sharing two (yummy) ways to care for your skin that are super simple but relaxing and fun.  Be sure to give them a try! 

Dry Brushing and Mr. Bean Coffee Scrub



If you've seen these brushes around and wondered.. what the heck do I use this for?! This is a dry brush that is used on your skin to help exfoliate, reduce cellulite unclog pores, remove toxins from the body, and it feels really good! (esp after the shower, your skin feels fresh).


(Dry brush before you head into the shower/bath). Standing in the shower/tub, start at your feet and work your way up your body with long sweeping motions. Be sure to go from top to bottom always working your way towards your heart <3. You can also go in small circular motions. Be careful when going over sensitive areas. Brush your entire body and then hop into the shower! Pat dry and apply coconut oil or another natural oil to your body.

You can dry brush every day (this is one of my goals). Your skin will say thank youu!!
PS.. I got my dry brush at Marshalls.


Coffee scrubs work like dry brushing to exfoliate your skin + the caffeine from the coffee will stimulate blood flow and help reduce the appearance of eczema, stretch marks, and cellulite. Plus who doesn't love coffee! This blend has coconut oil in it so it hydrates your skin while you scrub. I found this Mr. Bean blend at Marshalls. :) You can also find it online!


Hop in the shower and turn it on. Grab your coffee scrub up in your hand and rub a handful alllll over your body, hitting the spots that need the most love. Leave on for five minutes and finish with a rinse. Hop out of the shower and pat dry. 

Have more ways to care for your skin? I'd love to hear them! Drop me a message or leave a comment. And until then.. go sweat and take care of that beautiful skin of yours.

<3 Adele