Replanting Our Christmas Tree? | 2019 Earth Day

Replanting Christmas Tree Girls Got Goalz

Happy Earth Day! 🌲

That’s me, Adele, and our barn cat Oreo, standing next to our Christmas tree from last year. 👋🏻 The ground was finally thawed enough for us to plant it the other day 💃🏻 Getting a real tree with a ball on the bottom (holding the roots and dirt in a burlap wrap) is one tradition I’m continuing on from my family. We get a real tree for the holidays AND get to plant it outside and see it grow for years! 🌞 

Here are some ways to incorporate #EarthDay in your everyday life:
🌿 bring your own reusable water bottle with you and one for coffee/tea. Did you know most places will give you a discount for filling up your own mug? True story!

🌿 say no to plastic bags and bring your own reusable bag everywhere.

🌿 say no to plastic straws! get yourself a metal one to carry around. I love these ones.

🌿 use less water when showering, doing dishes, etc.

🌿 use the power of your money to buy brands who support a sustainable way of living.

🌿 eat more plant foods and less meat.

🌿 buy and shop local for food and homemade products.

☀️ We get one Earth.. do your part to care for it everyday ☀️

<3 Adele
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30 BY 30 (30 things I'm doing before November 2019)

30 BY 30 (30 things I'm doing before November 2019)

30 things to do, try, or complete before I’m 30 on November 29, 2019.

My friend and accountability partner, Mo, told me about this “30 by 30” thing she was going to do this year. It’s basically 30 things we want to do by the time we’re 30. Ya girl will be 30 this November! So here is my list so you all can hold me accountable for what happens this year. I’ve broken the areas into Business, Home, Fitness, Life, and Friends. These seem to be the areas of my life where I’m focused in for 2019.

My main goal for making this list is to keep these things top of mind and be constantly working on bettering myself and striving for these goals. Here’s to finishing the last year in my 20’s with a bang!

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