5 Ways to Summer-ize your Fitness Goals

5 Ways to Summer-izing My Fitness Goals and How You Can Too

5 Ways to Summer-ize your Fitness Goals

Summer is the perfect time to start creating healthy habits because there is so much fresh food and sweet summertime air to go around. Here are some ways I’m creating those habits during this time of year.

  1. Get Moving Outside

I’ve had a thing for playing tennis ever since I was in high school. Now that I’m older, I’ve taken up playing (or trying to play) even more. I’ve been inviting my sisters to join me and we’ve made it almost a weekly date to play. Getting outside to play allows us time to get fresh air, sweat a little, and soak up some vitamin D.

Now is the time to explore new sports you may be interested in. Also things like trail hiking or just going to a park near you could be a great way to get moving outside! Pack up your sunscreen and water bottle and get out there. Invite a friend to join in with you!

Playing Tennis - 5 Ways to Summer-izing My Fitness Goals and How You Can Too - GirlsGotGoalz.com

2. 10K Steps A Day

You’ll need a way to track your steps but this is an amazing way to see how much movement (or little) movement you’re really getting in in your days. This one can be tough.. But it starts by incorporating in more movement throughout your whole day. A walk in the morning, after dinner, even when you’re talking on the phone, it’s a great time to get in a walk. Strive to try and hit 10,000!

5 Ways to Summer-izing My Fitness Goals and How You Can Too- Getting 10k steps a day

3. Limiting treats + alcohol to 1-2 times a week

I know, I know! What?! But yes… I’ve been trying to limit my ice cream, beer, wine, all of it to just 1-2 times a week. With summer here and ice cream shops popping up like the dandelions, it’s easy to go a little overboard on the sweets. I’ve been doing this with my sister for the past couple weeks and it really makes us stop and think about what we’re eating/drinking. It’s also a great way to get people together on a Friday and go out for ice cream or a drink. You’ll keep your goals top of mind and your wallet a little heavier without all the splurging!

4. Eat mindfully

This tip goes along with the treating yourself to a drink/treats 1-2 a week… eat mindfully. What does this mean? It means listening to your body, and responding when it tells you you’re thirsty or hungry. It also means listening to your body when it’s NOT hungry.. And not divulging into something you may really not want just because it’s there or your bored. With summer comes a lot of picnics, gatherings, and just overall more food available. But pausing and asking yourself if you’re really hungry for this, or sticking to your normal eating/snack times will ensure you’re on the path for your goals! You won’t be like.. Wait what did I just eat!? This is also the sweet spot to add in fresh fruits like watermelon, strawberries, blueberries and all of nature’s very own “candy”. It’s all fresh and in season!

Eating Mindfully - 5 Ways to Summer-izing My Fitness Goals and How You Can Too | GirlsGotGoalz.com

5. Hydrate!

Yessss girl! Hydrate! It’s SO important, and you should be doing it all throughout the day. Keep a reusable water bottle by your side wherever you go. Pretty soon it’ll just be habit. Fill that baby up and drink it down, it’ll keep your skin healthy and your hunger in check. Plus, drink some extra if you’re sweating a lot or working out more than normal. Your body needs to get that water back!

I’ve included some of my favorite flavored water recipes in the Getting Started Guide.

Hydrating | 5 Ways to Summer-izing My Fitness Goals and How You Can Too | GirlsGotGoalz.com


5 Ways to Summer-izing My Fitness Goals and How You Can Too

Replanting Our Christmas Tree? | 2019 Earth Day

Replanting Christmas Tree Girls Got Goalz

Happy Earth Day! 🌲

That’s me, Adele, and our barn cat Oreo, standing next to our Christmas tree from last year. 👋🏻 
The ground was finally thawed enough for us to plant it the other day 💃🏻 
Getting a real tree with a ball on the bottom (holding the roots and dirt in a burlap wrap) is one tradition I’m continuing on from my family.
We get a real tree for the holidays AND get to plant it outside and see it grow for years! 🌞 

Here are some ways to incorporate #EarthDay in your everyday life:

🌿 bring your own reusable water bottle with you and one for coffee/tea. Did you know most places will give you a discount for filling up your own mug? True story!

🌿 say no to plastic bags and bring your own reusable bag everywhere.

🌿 say no to plastic straws! get yourself a metal one to carry around. I love these ones.

🌿 use less water when showering, doing dishes, etc.

🌿 use the power of your money to buy brands who support a sustainable way of living.

🌿 eat more plant foods and less meat.

🌿 buy and shop local for food and homemade products.

☀️ We get one Earth.. do your part to care for it everyday ☀️

<3 Adele
Follow along for BTS and more Earth Day tips! @girlsgotgoalz