Adele: a girl with goalz

I needed a reason to why I was working out, saying no to ice cream, and blending coconut water & berries into a smoothie at 6am.

It wasn't until someone actually asked me why I was doing it that I said I had goals. You know.. The lose weight, gain muscle, "get fit", or just finally feel good about myself goals. 

And that's when it turned into a real thing. This girls got goalz.

So here we are today! I want to share all the tips, tricks, recipes, and fun health and fitness things I've learned on my journey. And I want to help and inspire you to go after your own goals. I know it's worth it, to finally feel good (and look good), to fit into more clothes, have confidence, and overall like what you see in the mirror.

Join me for delicious smoothies & fun sweat sessions (coming soon!) as well as lots of inspiration and motivation. To find out more about me and my journey click HERE.

So tell me... Did you sweat today?


Sweat, smoothies, and more at @GirlsGotGoalz!